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Cumulative Soft Tissue Traumas in Soft Tissue Dysfunction

Understanding the process of cumulative trauma is the key to breaking the cycle of repetitive injury according to Dr. Michael Leahy. Cumulative trauma or overuse injuries from physical training can lead to scar formation, decreased functional strength, and flexibility limitations. As a result, movement pattern dysfunction occurs and your ability to train properly suffers.

After an injury occurs, your body begins the healing process to repair damaged tissue. During this process, the formation of "non–functional" scar tissue is laid down binding tissues together. Typically, this scar tissue does not allow the tissue to stretch or slide normally as you begin to move, exercise, and train again. This can cause further irritation of the "healing" tissue, inflammation, and increase the risk of re–injury.

Active Release Techniques® are specifically designed to break this cycle by assessing and identifying the site of the lesion, manually releasing the adhesive scar tissue, and restoring tissue back to its normal functional length.

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Active Release Technique

Corrective Exercise Program

The Kinesio Taping® Method

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