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The therapists at PRIMO Performance & Rehab are proud to be a part of Austin’s health and fitness community since 2008. PRIMO wants to be the rehabilitation clinic and performance center to which you entrust your healthcare, performance, and wellness needs. PRIMO employs Physical and Occupational therapists who are certified in a specialized hands-on based therapy approach called Active Release Techniques (ART ®), in addition to other therapeutic techniques such as the Kinesiotaping Method ® and Trigger Point Dry Needling.

We are different than the other therapy clinics in Austin, TX because we provide individualized one-on-one care with a Physical or Occupational therapist who specializes in highly effective therapy techniques that provide faster recovery times. Our patients do not spend their time doing exercises in the gym or on a machine nor do they get hooked up to an e-stim machine. When necessary, our patients receive exercises specific to their individual needs that can easily be performed at home.

PRIMO also provides ergonomic assessments, performance training, and wellness consulting.

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