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You are the BEST. Thank you for all of your great help. If you would have told me I could stand on a stability ball a year ago, I would have thought you were crazy, but look at me NOW! You have brought balance to my life physically and mentally. Thanks for everything.
– Matt N. (O'ahu)

Jessica literally saved my race season with her ART magic (something 5 other PTs and many years struggling with the same injuries could not do). She is also crazy positive and so energetic all the time.
– Tai Blechta (O’ahu) elite triathlete, owner Hawaii Sport Magazine, graphic designer

Jessica’s experience and expertise as an ART PT providing a ‘miracle’ on my knee got me running marathons again when everyone else had advised me to stop running. As if I wasn’t already amazed, she helped me train the right way, coaching me, encouraging me and fixing my mistakes along the way. She inspired me to better myself and showed me that I can achieve anything with the right training, avoiding injuries–her positive energy is contagious. I am so fortunate she has come into my life; thanks to her I am a runner again, a better one than ever, and I am pursuing a personal training career thanks to HER!
– Sara Rosa (O'ahu)

Look out world! Jessica got me back into racing; she is a shining star!
– Mary Nilges (O’ahu) TryFitness Coach

Not only was their expertise helpful in gaining the relief needed for my back. But their emotional support also helped to speed up the process. I also learned so many things that will benefit the rest of my life from each one of them.
– Kristy Kinimaka (O’ahu)

Jessica is awesome. Now I feel I could climb any mountain.
– Kim W. (O’ahu)
coach TryFitness

Jessica took away six years of pain in 3 sessions and made me happy to know I can be strong again.
– Nanette S. (O’ahu)

Jessica is a Master in Physical Therapy and she changed my lifestyle forever. She performed her ‘magic’ and now I am back training and running races after 30 years struggling with a leg injury.
– Rick S. (O’ahu)

Jessica has helped me with many, many injuries! She is the absolute best and is 100% irreplaceable.
– Allison G. (O’ahu)

I wanted to Thank you, Jessica, for all of the help you gave me not only on making my knee feel better (as well as my neck the previous month J) through awesome excercises, but also all of the advice I got on my triathlon training questions! I really enjoyed coming to see you every week the past 2 months! I don’t know if you decided to do the Moses Lake race, but if you ended up going, I bet you did really good. Did you win?

Also, you are an "animal"! I was surprised (even though I probably shouldn’t have been) to see you running in the cold rain last Friday afternoon! Actually I should have said "Awesome animal"! J

Keep in touch please,
– Jun, Seattle, WA

Previous to working with Jessica last summer I had been very skeptical of the benefits physical therapy over a self planned program of exercising, heating, icing injuries. As a long time runner and lifetime recreational athlete who is hoping for another twenty years of staying physically active it is difficult to fully express my gratitude to Jessica and the work she did with me this past summer.

The skepticism was due to a chronic left achilles problem that had persisted for nearly two years. I had gone through ineffective physical therapy several times and had basically ‘given up’ on the idea that this injury would ever heal.

I started working with Jessica for a partially torn right elbow tendon. While rehabbing this she convinced me to start taking another look at the achilles problem. Her methods of deep tissue massage to remove scar tissue along with developing a routine to stop reinjuring the joint and consistent rehab routine finally turned the corner on this chronic problem that had all but stopped any type of pain free athletic activity.

Not only did her therapy rehabilitate a persistent achilles tendon problem her methods of scar removal repaired a chronic muscle problem at the top of my left hamstring which had been a persistent nagging injury since my early thirties. I was able to resume a normal pain free running program in Oct 08 for the first time in nearly 10 years.

From my perspective I find her key professional attributes to be:

  • An extremely detailed knowledge of the human body
  • An ability to apply that knowledge to diagnose and pinpoint exact problem areas
  • Her techniques of isolating and removing scar tissue
  • A high energy consistent work ethic which for me meant I knew every visit would be worth the time invested

I fully recommend Jessica as a physical therapist or as a professional consultant on athletic injuries and rehabilitative techniques. I can only hope is that she decides the rain and cold in Seattle is more attractive then the Hawaiian sun and moves back to the beautiful Pacific Northwest.
– Michael McDonald

Jessica is a Godsend for any injury. ART and Jessica have helped me heal after months of failed attempts with chiro and ortho. Her knowledge, belief in her practice, and her "healing hands" are truly amazing. We will miss her dearly here in Hawai'i!
– Lee Ann Watanabe (O’ahu)

Jessica has helped me stay in the water so my "flipper" nickname holds true!
– Maury (O’ahu)

I can’t say enough about how happy I am with the treatment I’ve received from Jessica Tranchina.

I met Jessica in the spring of ’08 having been referred to her from another of Seattle’s top Physical Therapists. At that time I needed both manual therapy, and prescriptive movements and exercises to treat a long standing hamstring strain. I am so thankful that Jessica was treating in Seattle at the time, as she is uniquely qualified to create rehabilitation plans on both levels.

I noticed a difference in treatment formal immediately, most notably Jessica’s attitude toward her patients. First and foremost, Jessica is a listener: our intake wasn’t just about where the aches and pains were, but about what I wanted my future to be like as an athlete and how she could be a part of that process. Jessica takes the time to understand not just the ‘what’ of the injury, but also the ‘hows’ and the ‘whys.’ My lifestyle is sports, and I can’t speak enough about how easy is was to trust in her understanding of that mentality, and to trust that she was going to get me back to running pain free.

As treatments progressed, I was amazed at how my body began to change. Not only was my hamstring loosening and becoming more reliable, but thanks to the small and specific exercises I had been given, the rest of my body began to respond as well. I was able to go longer, stronger and faster in my running, but I also noticed a difference in my physical shape. Jessica has indeed been to me, what Tracy Anderson is to Madonna; my secret weapon. I’ve also implemented a set of her recommended injury prevention techniques with the teams that I coach, and am happy to report that my participants are much stronger than their counterparts, and have experienced a lower incidence of injuries.

I can easily recommend Jessica Tranchina to anyone seeking to treat new or chronic injury, or to take their performance and physicality to a new level. I believe in her programs so highly that I’ve flown from Seattle to Oahu for an appointment, knowing that it was as much less costly than starting from scratch with someone below her talent level.

The only thing I wouldn’t recommend regarding Jessica is to let her leave your city—you’ll miss her when she’s gone!
– Natalie Duryea, Sr. Financial Analyst, Server and Tools Business, Microsoft
Head Coach, Interlake Girls Select Basketball
Part–time marathon addict.

Thank you for everything you (Jessica Tranchina) have done for me these past months. Your "magical" hands have been a miracle to my running. Thank you also for all the advice, motivation, encouragement and confidence that you have given me towards my marathon goal. You will never know how influential you have been for me. I wouldn’t be where I am today with running without your help.
– MA

I have had 20+ physical therapists. Right knee ACL (2 surgeries); 38 Left shoulder dislocations and 3 surgeries, back pain, etc. Jessica is the greatest PT I have ever had. She is fun, tough, to the point and a friend. Thank you Jessica.
– Jay B.

After training for and completing my first half marathon in 2008, I injured my left calf. I was unable to walk without a great deal of discomfort, much less run and train. I was referred to Dr. Jessica Tranchina by a fitness professional. Dr. Tranchina performed physical therapy on my calf over the course of several weeks, prescribing rehabilitation exercises and stretches. She was able to not only help me recover from the main injury to my peroneus longus, but also found other areas of weakness that contributed to the injury that have helped me prevent injury since then. She was very adept in diagnosing my injury as a runner herself. She also helped me to find other resources to help change my stride so I can further improve my running efficiency, reducing the risk of re–injury.
– Pete Fox, General Manager Microsoft North America Tele Platform

…I just wanted to thank you (Jessica Tranchina) for all of the hard work and dedication you gave to our clinic. Your energy and enthusiasm is really inspiring! On a more personal note, I wanted to thank you for great therapy you proved for my ankle as well as the support and encouragement you gave me along the way. I am truly grateful.
– LL

Jessica was fantastic and "fixed" me in 3 sessions. She was very professional but also friendly and personable.
– Roger Peters, Executive V.P. & General Manager of dck Worldwide

There always was a feeling of concern expressed by the staff about my specific condition (back pain). Jessica is terrific!! All above were great but she spent the most time with me.
– Victor Zuercher, D.D.S.

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